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Motherhood was never meant to feel this hard, was it?  

You’re tired. So, so tired. Your house is a mess, you never seem to have any time with your partner, let alone time for yourself. You know you’re not taking care of yourself properly, or being the mother you dreamed of being. You hardly even recognise yourself anymore. You feel trapped, isolated, alone.  

All you want to do is enjoy motherhood, enjoy your little one, but you can’t, because all you think about, all you ever seem to talk about...is sleep. It’s taking over your entire life. And what you’re not getting enough of...is, well yes sleep.  

But you also need understanding, support, reassurance, reliable information, solidarity from people who get it...because pretty much everyone else seems to have babies that just go to sleep and stay there. But yours doesn’t. And it’s frustrating, it’s exhausting and it’s so so confusing.  

And it’s making you wonder what on earth is wrong with your little one, with you...wondering what’s wrong with your parenting. Questioning every decision, doubting yourself, reading all the books and googling your fingers off at 3am just trying to find some answers. But nothing makes sense.  

Nothing out there seems to be written about your little one, about your family, none of it works for you (despite all the reviews and all the people who want to tell you ‘well it worked for us’) and it all just contradicts itself anyway. 

Maybe your little one ......

  • has or has had reflux?
  • is super high needs, sensitive and clingy?
  • has some sensory needs?

Whatever it is, you just know something is different. But nothing seems to work and you just don’t know what to do. And there is no way you’re going to just leave your little one to cry alone, no matter how many people try to tell you it’s what you need to do...although crying alone is what you resort to yourself when the desperation kicks in and there’s nowhere else to turn.  

Because your little one fights sleep at every opportunity. Bedtimes are a farce and you dread them every single day, and that’s after spending what feels like the whole day fighting for a nap since you’re the only person who can get your little to sleep and it takes ages, and then they will only sleep on or with you.  

The frequent night wakes are surely going to be the death of you. And you feel trapped...and then guilty for not just ‘enjoying every minute’.  

You just don’t understand why any of this is happening and you’re desperate. All you want to do is what’s best for your little one. All you want is that family life, that motherhood you dreamed off. And you need answers. now. It’s a lot. It’s too much. 

No WONDER you feel like crap, no WONDER there's no room for you in all of this.  

You need to try something else. You need a different approach.

I designed this workshop for YOU. Because I was you and I know how it feels and I really don’t want you to feel like that anymore.

So I invite you to join me to not only unravel your little one's sleep for good, but to learn how to navigate the twists and turns of sleep deprived motherhood without completely losing your mind or yourSELF in the process.

Let me help you swap all of that confusion & frustration for clarity & confidence, stress & overwhelm for reassurances & rest... and crucially, reclaim that JOY in motherhood you so desperately desire. Rebuild that dream you had for your family.

I know that sleep can be an incredibly contentious subject that everyone (and their mother in law!) wants to offer their advice on. There is SO much conflicting advice and info out there and that can leave you feeling totally confused and overwhelmed. 

And the problem is, most of it asks the wrong question...the problem is not why WON’T your little one sleep, but why CAN’T they sleep. What you need is not the latest magic doll designed to help GET your little one to sleep, but the knowledge and the tools to understand how to get the conditions right for sleep. 

And that’s what I’m going to give you, and I’m SO excited to share all my insight, knowledge & experience with you. Why?

Because I get it, I've been there and I want to help you AND your little one.  

I believe that little people are just that, with their own hearts, minds and bodies to be respected...and everything that goes on in there has an impact on sleep...an impact that most sleep coaching, sleep training & off the shelf sleep packages totally overlook. 

I believe that parents are people too, that THEY deserve respect and the right information to make their own choices. YOU deserve to feel heard, seen, held and supported.

So there HAS to be an alternative...there IS an alternative, and this is it.

10 week live group coaching program 

10 units packed full of evidence based info

  • Video, pdfs & links to other invaluable resources 
  • Weekly lives and Q&As 
  • Group coaching calls with me to dive deeper into the content and help you apply it for you & your little one
  • Real, simple, actionable steps to make the learning your own
  • Weekly inspiration & mindset tools such as mindfulness, journaling, affirmations, gratitude, play and more
  • Just 10 spots available PLUS.... 1 VIP slot to include full 1:1 coaching package  

What we'll be learning

  • The role YOU play in your little one’s sleep 
  • How to rebuild your life & your mojo once sleep has decimated it
  • What biologically, healthy, normal sleep looks like, common sleep struggles and why they happen 
  • The 5 main areas that affect sleep, why and how & why modern responses to sleep 'behaviour' miss the mark
  • What attachment is, how to build it, how to ease transitions to day care and ease separation anxiety  
  • What the Sensory System is, how it affects sleep, how to spot when it's off balance and how to keep it balanced for better sleep 
  • How your little one's developmental leaps & new learning affect sleep and how to help 
  • The role the tummy plays in sleep, reflux and intolerances, foods that help and foods that hinder sleep 
  • How your little one’s physical environment affects sleep, what role light, screentime, daylight, temperature, bedding and more play 
  • The perfect nursery / sleep space set up 
  • How illness, teething, exercise, fresh air, growth spurts and daytime sleep can affect night time sleep 
  • How to manage your OWN expectations and anxiety around sleep, trust your instincts and respond to well meaning advice mindfully.  

This isn’t sleep training, it’s sleep education, it's mindset mentoring, and it's so much more besides...

This is about so much more than sleep. It’s an incredibly valuable parenting resource to help you tune in to your little one, rebuild your trust in your own instincts and deepen your connection as a family, beyond sleep whilst rediscovering the person you once were, the one hidden under all the sleep shizzle.

“I did tackle sleep in 10 and it was life changing! It made me such a better mom because I was able to understand my son so much better. It gave me the confidence in my decisions and gave me so many more options to do based on HIS needs.”

By the end of our time together you will:

  • Have a deeper connection to yourself and your own needs as well as how to meet them 
  • Have a clearer understanding of your little ones, their signals and their needs 
  •  Know what's affecting sleep AND how to improve it 
  •  Have renewed confidence in your decisions and your approach as a mother 
  •  Feel held, supported & reassured that neither you nor your little one is broken 
  •  Feel more confident, calm and connected as a mother and as a family 
  •  Feel lighter, calmer, more presence and more joy 

But don't just take my word for it. Since taking this course...

Kelly has been able to enjoy date nights with her husband she could only dream of before.  

Amy has spent hours just watching her little girl sleep peacefully and without discomfort for the first time ever.  

Karen now actually enjoys motherhood and feels so much more connected to her whole family than before. 

Debbie has started up her own business now that she has some actual time while her little one naps. 

Sarah has taken up her old passion of dancing again. Her flame is well and truly reignited

Those dreams you had? They ARE possible...as soon as you stop dreaming, and start doing.

Unsure whether it's for you?

I know what you’re thinking...that all sounds lovely but I just don’t have time right now. Ok...tell me, how much time are you currently wasting just fighting sleep, worrying about sleep and searching for the answers yourself? I’m going to give you all of that time back.  

Maybe you’re thinking, well, actually, our sleep situation’s not THAT bad...great! This will work even quicker and more easily for you! 

Or perhaps you’re wondering if it will really work for you at all...after all, nothing else has.  

Well, really, that depends on you. The information I will share with you is all rooted in evidence and backed by science. I can’t promise to have your little ones sleeping through the night the minute you sign up...there are no magic wands here. But if you go into this determined to believe that your little one is so much worse than everyone else’s and that there is no way anything is ever going to help you, well then it probably won’t. You need to give your little one a fair shot. You need to give yourself a fair shot. 

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About your host

Emma is owner & founder of Courage & Chamomile where she helps new mums navigate the crazy shitstorm of motherhood and rediscover their JOY. She’s an international family sleep and wellbeing specialist, mama mentor, coach, early years teacher, positive psychology geek, mummy, daughter, wife, sister, friend and lover of squirrels. She is passionate about respecting and treating little people as...well, people, and helping confused, frustrated and downright exhausted parents understand their little people so they can all get some more rest...WITHOUT sleep training.