“If you can’t find joy in the path you are on and what you are working toward now, how do you expect to find joy once you get there?”


Time to start walking a new path?

We start week commencing 15th June

You had me at joy...

Let me ask you something: Who are you? What do you want? I mean, what do you REALLY want?

You wanted a baby, a family, to be a mother..so, so much.  And you have that, you did it. YAY!... and so now what?

What’s next for you? Do you know?

What makes you happy? YOU happy. ARE you happy? I mean truly happy.

What do you dream of? How will you get there?

Do you have everything you need right now? Or is there something missing? A deep longing for something else, something more. Something more ‘you’? Something more fulfilling. More purposeful. With more direction.

Something lingering below the surface. Something you can’t quite get to, but you know it’s there.  You can feel it.  It’s itchy, and niggling. And it’s frustrating as fuck.  YOU are as frustrated as fuck.

I want more...

It’s ok to say yes, you know.  It’s ok to feel like this.  It’s ok to want more, to need more.  To want to BE more.

It’s ok to feel frustrated, dissatisfied, trapped even.  It’s ok to feel unfulfilled...bored even sometimes.

Especially if you’re ready.

Ready to emerge from the fog. Ready to connect with yourself again. Ready to discover who you are, who you REALLY are. NOW...not who you were, but who you are now.

So, are YOU ready?

Ready to stop trudging through the treacle of your life and to start living it YOUR way? To find clarity, build the vision, uncover your goals, rediscover your joy? Swap lethargy for excitement, apathy for passion?

To consciously curate your experience?

Or would you rather stay stuck, a martyr to it all?

I don’t think you want to stay stuck.

I think you’re ready.

Ready to start your Journey to Joy

In this 6 week live group coaching program we’re going to go deep.  We’re going to get real.  Honest. We’re going to get to the very essence of who you really are and what you really want.  Why you want it and HOW you’re going to get it.  We’re going to uncover and discard all the bullshit that’s been keeping you stuck, small & hidden for far too long so you can #motherthefuckup, grab that life of yours by the balls and start living it to the max, so that you can rise up and become MORE than a mother.  

And yet...this is SO much more than a group program. About so much MORE than the next 6 weeks. This is about the next 6 months, the next 6 years. This is about YOU waking up to all that you are and all that you can be. This is about life and living it as it's supposed to be lived. This is about leading every day from a place of love & joy rather than a place of fear and resentment.

My intention for you as a result of following this program, is to live with so much more ease, joy, flow...to leave behind all that frustration, overwhelm and all consuming guilt.

So I invite you to embark on this journey with me, a journey through six stages...

  • Accept & acknowledge...

where we’ve been, where we’ve come from, drawing on the past to help define our future with no judgement.

  • Assess & accelerate...

our happiness in this moment. Success follows happiness and not the other way round...learn to find joy NOW.

  • Aspire...

to more. Getting clear on what we want next, where we want to go, what we want to achieve and WHY

  • Articulate...

the dream AND the resistance, so we can push through those blocks, barriers & bullshit together

  • Align...

our language, our stories and our beliefs with that dream, with purpose, with joy! Learn to walk your talk.

  • Act...

on it. Dreaming is lovely...making it happen is where the magic is. This is where we get real and make it real.

Let's do this...

We start under a new moon to shed off the past and set our intentions for the future.

We will come together weekly via video call in a small intimate circle for sharing, coaching & mentoring. You will receive weekly prompts, tasks & resources via email and within a private Facebook group and will be invited to join a Whatsapp group to continue the conversation and increase accountability.

I can't give you the answers. I can't tell you what's right for you. But I'm going to use everything I know about motherhood, happiness & positive psychology, mindset, martyrdom and life itself to help YOU work that out for yourself. I know you can do it. I believe in you.

And I can't wait to watch your transformation.

To see you unfurl, rise up.

To hear you roar. To find your joy.

Are you a VIP?

If you know you're ready to go in even deeper, for a more intense experience and bespoke 1:1 support then the VIP option is for you, mama.

With the VIP option you'll not only have full access to the course but you'll also have unlimited 1:1 Voxer & messenger support from Emma and 3 x 1:1 calls. One at the start to kickstart your journey, a midway check in and a 'what's next' round up call to set you up for moving forward.

There is no just 1 VIP spaces available.

Those who have found their JOY say...

  • "In moments when you feel like you need a leg-up to get over what feels like the biggest struggles, Emma has the effortless ability to switch a light on and shine the way through a path that was always there, that you were always walking, that you just couldn’t see before."

  • "Not only is Emma incredibly knowledgeable and helpful in a practical manner, she's also wonderfully supportive and always in your corner. It was wonderful getting to work so closely with her."

  • "Emma has empowered me to have the confidence to find my true path. Her advice and approaches are inspiring, individualised, supportive and fun. I love that she doesn’t take herself too seriously and doesn’t judge. I love that she makes the effort to understand and consider my circumstances and perspective."
  • "If you are whirling around, not knowing how you’re gonna get through another sleepless night, if you have endless questions, if you’re feeling frustrated and even scared I highly recommend connecting with Emma. If you need a compass to navigate through this, and sometimes you just feel like there’s nowhere to turn, just message Emma."

  • "It has given me some great tools to help me work through decision making. It’s really helped me to value those dreams and to kick-start putting them into action in small steps."
  • "At times when I feel I have nowhere to turn, Emma has been on the other end of a message. With her non judgemental, caring, kind, attentive and highly professional methods, I have felt empowered. I’ve felt like I can shine a light from my chest with every deep breath. I have always felt supported and most of all, listened to."

Now, I know what you're thinking...

That all sounds lovely and everything, BUT that's just impossible for me. The little ones need me, I just can't. I just don't have time right now.

Let me tell you something...THAT is the very problem right there. Let me tell you something else. My own mother STILL says 'I don't have time' when I suggest she do something for herself. She has no children at home, she is retired. She STILL doesn't have time. And I do NOT want that for you.

But guess what...you will never, ever, ever have time for yourself, for you, to do the things that you want, that you NEED to do, until you make it. Nobody is going to do that for you. YOU have to make it happen. YOU have to make the choice to wake up and take action. Or, you can choose not to and just martyr on.

It's not much of a choice, but it IS your choice. And if you make the one I hope you make, then I'm going to support you the whole way to find that time and make it YOURS. To apply mind over martyr. To find your JOY.

This is the last round of the Journey to Joy Group program, as I evolve my services and the way I deliver this content. So if you feel called, now IS your time.

About Your Host

Emma is owner & founder of Courage & Chamomile where she helps mums like you navigate the crazy shitstorm of motherhood to find more joy. She’s an international family sleep and wellbeing specialist, mama mentor, NLP coach, early years teacher, positive psychology geek, mummy, daughter, wife, sister, friend and lover of squirrels. She is passionate about empowering mothers to not just believe in themselves as a mother, but to rise up and become MORE than a mother. This is YOUR experience, YOU get to design it. Consciously curate your motherhood experience, mamas.