This is for you if you've lost your MAMA MOJO.

Something's missing.

You've lost YOUR way.

You're not enjoying motherhood the way you longed for and you need help,

one to one


Together we will navigate the wonderful whirlwind of life as an exhausted mama so you can lead the happy, fulfilling life you know is yours for the taking, if only you could get to it.

All the balls and thoughts you’re juggling (mostly about everyone else!), we’ll put them down for a minute and just focus on you, on where you want to go and how you're going to get there. Then we’ll pick them back up, mindfully, one by one, together.

Together we will....

  • Uncover what makes you tick, and what makes you stuck
  • Identify any patterns in mood, emotions and behaviour around your cycle
  • Create a life wheel to highlight which areas of your life aren't as fulfilling as perhaps you'd like them to be.
  • Identify your triggers and help you navigate around them more mindfully
  • Identify your true goals around motherhood, parenting, your relationships, yourSELF
  • Make a plan with clear, actionable steps to work towards meeting those goals.
  • Identify your values so you can find more meaning
  • Learn how to look after ourselves and the art of self talk and self love
  • Identify potential hurdles and obstacles that crop up along the way and learn strategies for overcoming them.
  • Weed out any & all self sabotage going on preventing you from making progress and learn tools to knock these on the head
  • Sense check diet, sleep hygiene, hydration and make any tweaks needed to help you feel and achieve at your best
  • Consciously curate YOUR motherhood experience how YOU want it, rather than allow it to happen at you.

So you can be the mummy and the woman you want to be.


In short, together we will write the Manual of YOU so you have a greater understanding of yourself, some answers and a clear route forward. And more than that, a real desire TO move forward

  • If something or somebody is holding you back, we will tackle it together.  
  • If something’s coming up for you, we’ll talk it through.
  • If goalposts have shifted, we’ll rework the plan.
  • We will identify pitfalls and celebrate successes!

6 months, fortnightly calls, unlimited 1:1 support,

Access to The Mothership parenting & sleep support group


I will be there with you every step of the way, to get you from permanently exhausted, shouty and lacklustre to positively excited, connected, kind and motivated.

Everything we do will be in collaboration...this is your life, it needs to be relevant and realistic.

I will use everything I know about mindset, positive psychology, parenting, coaching and habit change (and sleep where relevant!) to guide you there and see you through.


Those who have taken this journey with me say...

  • My 1:1 with Emma is my lifeline. I couldn’t have timed it better with the way the world is right now. With fear around the corner and in complete lockdown, self isolating with my family, I know that without Emma’s coaching, I would still be in victim mode. Instead, Emma has mentored me to be CREATOR. I have had the ability to get through and still get through, these days with confidence. To KNOW that I’m enough. To recognise when I’m having a blip, to realise I’m having a wobble and to KNOW that I’m doing this!

  • Emma is brilliant, passionate, and speaks not only from first hand experience but as a highly educated professional. The support she provides her clients is quick, caring, and above and beyond.
  • Not only is Emma incredibly knowledgeable and helpful in a practical manner, she's also wonderfully supportive and always in your corner.
  • If you are whirling around, not knowing how you’re gonna get through another sleepless night, if you have endless questions, if you’re feeling frustrated and even scared I highly recommend connecting with Emma. If you need a compass to navigate through this, and sometimes you just feel like there’s nowhere to turn, just message Emma.

  • At times when I feel I have nowhere to turn, Emma has been on the other end of a message. With her non judgemental, caring, kind, attentive and highly professional methods, I have felt empowered. I’ve felt like I can shine a light from my chest with every deep breath. I have always felt supported and most of all, listened to.

Let's get you enJOYing life again


About your host

Emma is owner & founder of Courage & Chamomile where she helps new mums navigate the crazy shitstorm of motherhood and rediscover their JOY. She’s an international family sleep and wellbeing specialist, mama mentor, coach, early years teacher, positive psychology geek, mummy, daughter, wife, sister, friend and lover of squirrels. She is passionate about respecting and treating little people as...well, people, and helping confused, frustrated and downright exhausted parents understand their little people so they can all get some more rest...WITHOUT sleep training.