Are you ready to break out of your cage, to UNLEASH your magic and BECOME your fully expressed & whole self?…

To say YES to BECOMING your full potential?

Then it's time to...


It’s time to BECOME who you really are, and who you were always meant to be.

...It’s time to say yes to what really lights YOU up, OUTSIDE of what your children need or what everyone else expects of you…

It’s time to awaken and reconnect all those scattered lost parts of you and step into your innate power...your MOTHER energy.

To explore who YOU truly are, over and above your relationships as wife, mother, daughter, friend.

To release that spark inside you that keeps knocking at your door and won’t leave you alone…

THAT is what will bring you alive in the way that you long for.

Because let’s face it, whatever your life looks like on the surface right now, you KNOW deep down, that there must be more available to you than this.

More than the maze of people-pleasing, overcompensating, crazy expectations and the tidy, oppressive boxes that we keep finding ourselves in and that society expects us to stay in.

Well I’m here to tell you, you're right, there IS more to all of this, and it’s time to claim your part of it.


I'm ready for more

As mothers we are conditioned to spend all of our time and energy on other people… until there is nothing left for us. 

There is no space for YOU to express yourself as YOU, to explore what wants to come THROUGH you. 

To journey into the hidden and forgotten parts of yourself. To fall back in love with yourself, so you can share that love with yourself and with the world.

I want to tell you...


To be seen and heard as YOU in your entirety. 

To come home to YOU. To remembHER the truth of who you really ARE beyond what you DO, beyond who you are as a mother, a daughter, a partner...

Because the magic that you (and only you) are here to bring to the world can’t be repressed or denied, not now you know it’s there.

And it’s YOUR job to unleash it.

Activate your magic

Emma has the effortless ability to switch a light on and shine the way through a path that was always there, but you couldn’t see it before... She helped me find my own light so that I can continue on this journey confidently and with pride in myself.

- Kerry

A few years ago I felt trapped in a life that probably looked amazing on the outside, but inside I was slowly wasting away.

I loved being a MOTHER, I loved my son and my family deeply and was committed to my career, but I KNEW deep down that there had to be more than going through the motions and martyring myself to that cause

I felt as if I had become completely invisible, even to myself.  I was lost.

And I absolutely couldn’t let it stay that way.

So I became willing to break out of the boxes, to turn inwards for the answers, to trust my instincts and live my life based on what they said.  I learned to listen to, to trust, to honour and respect mySELF. Which has led to so much more meaning and joy than I ever thought possible.

I found my voice, my passion, my purpose. MySELF.

And I know you want that for YOU.

At times when I feel like I have nowhere to turn, Emma has been on the other end of a message... I have felt empowered every step of the way. I’ve felt like I can shine a light from my chest with every deep breath.

- Carrie

Let's be clear here,

It’s absolutely not our fault we end up feeling so trapped.

Society does not WANT women to BECOME their full, self-expressed, empowered selves because that would mean breaking from the status quo.

But if there’s anything 2020 has shown us, in case we didn’t already know and feel it to be true, it’s that it is time to break from the status quo.

The time for playing small and adhering to the old stories (our own and those foisted upon us) is over now. We need a change. And fully empowered and embodied mothers are going to be the ones to lead it.

Phenomenal, fierce, courageous mothers like you doing their own work AND raising the next generation of fiery, determined leaders and changemakers.

Our children don’t need us to show them how to squash ourselves into conforming to an upside down and out of date world, they need to see us becoming radically alive, to be role models for blazing our own trail and living life our own way.  

They need to see that we not only deserve to live a life that is authentic, powerful, and self-expressed, but that it is entirely possible to do so.

YOU deserve that for yourSELF.

Emma has empowered me to have the confidence to find my true path.

- Caroline


I’m the founder of Courage and Chamomile, and I am passionate about empowering mothers like you to not just believe in themselves as a mother, but to believe in and BECOME their full selves within and beyond motherhood.

To find more wild-hearted purpose and open-hearted joy beyond the day to day struggle.

To consciously curate a more aligned, balanced, meaningful and fulfilling motherhood experience.

For the good of ourselves, our family and for the world we call home.

I’m a NLP practitioner, coach, teacher, international family sleep and wellbeing specialist, and motherhood mentor. 

And, I’ve worked with hundreds of mothers just like you:

Who know they have a spark within them that needs to get out…

Who want to live a life full of radical authenticity, freedom, and self-expression…

And who are ready to say YES to becoming who they truly are so they can create the life, purpose, and family they know they deserve.

Emma reached into my head and my heart,  shook me, and helped me understand I matter. I deserve to do and be what and how I truly want. I own my own joy now.

- Sarah

And this is your invitation to BECOME...

An intimate 9 month exploration for just 9 mothers, into all that we are so we can BECOME everything we were meant to be.

Let me tell you...this is not your average group coaching. This is not any old mentorship. This is not one of those workshops where you learn a few things then get back on with your life as usual. This is a co-creation experience. This is 9 like-hearted mothers coming together to explore and courageously create a new reality. This is a Mothermind group where every single one of us brings their very own personal magick to the circle.

And I need you to know that this is deep work, and it requires deep presence & commitment. A circle of like-hearted mothers to hold ourselves and each other through these strange and unsettling times .  A committed mentor to witness you in your becoming, to set the intention, to guide you and hold space for you as you safely shed layer after layer of outdated conditioning, mindsets, and behaviours ready to evolve and grow.

Someone who will journey alongside you and who will help you...

  • Trust yourSELF to make aligned decision that feel good, instead of caving to the expectations and pressures of everyone else
  • Find space to explore, dive into your imagination, get curious, create and actualize those little heart and soul murmurs that you feel deep down inside
  • Take up space, all of it, find your voice, to live your life from a place of standing taller, prouder, freer and more alive
  • Courageously open up to and delve into the emotions, the wounds, the old stories so we can release them and make space for something new
  • Become safely vulnerable enough to speak up, to share, to rage when you need to instead of pushing it all down to eat you from the inside out
  • To lead from the heart, with love and courage rather than stay stuck in fear, overwhelm and self doubt.
  • Unlock and activate what lights YOU up, and share your soul’s purpose, even if it’s “edgy,” “out there,” or “woo- woo”
  • Feel more yourself, others, motherhood, your place in this world, nature, ritual and cyclical living and your divine feminine
  • Fall wildly in love with your magnificent self, with life
  • Let go of the shame, the guilt, the shoulds and the people-pleasing, in order to create YOUR authentic life
  • RemembHER who you are, step into your transformation, and BECOME who you’re truly meant to be

As part of our journey together you’ll experience:

  • Nine months of intimate sisterhood, coaching, accountability, healing and support
  • Monthly moon circles to release what’s been coming up for you so you can call in more
  • Monthly “mothermind” group call for sharing, embedding and exploring new wisdom together
  • Monthly group coaching calls to dig deep, break through and move forward
  • Monthly masterclasses with expert speakers on topics such as creativity, embodiment, sovereignty, intuition, and more
  • The deep, committed and longterm connection, friendship and sisterhood with other powerful, inspiring and like-hearted mothers you yearn for
  • A Facebook group to come together outside of scheduled calls
  • A WhatsApp for instant connection, communication and conversation between us

Plus, bonuses, including...

  • A reading list of empowering books to deepen & inspire your journey
  • A private breathwork session to move stuck and stagnant energy out of your body
  • A private natal chart reading to clarify and activate your soul’s purpose
  • A “Be Your Own Icon” art journaling group workshop to unleash your innate creativity and tune in to your inner goddess

And surprise gifts to be intuitively chosen throughout the program

Total Value: £9975

Your Investment


Applications now open below.

Payment plans available on request

Want to talk it through?


BECOME Is Perfect For You If...


You're a new mother

You’re a new mother already staggering under the weight of the obligations foisted upon you … you want to be a great mother, but you don’t want to lose yourself in the process


You've lost yourself

You’re a mother who feels like you HAVE lost yourself in the midst of motherwhelm… but you’re ready to reclaim your sovereignty for the benefit of you and your family


You need space to explore

You can feel a creative spark within you of something that’s trying to come out, and you want to give yourself space and time to explore it 


You're ready to do things your own way

You’re willing to get outside of your comfort zone in order to shed the conditioning and stories that society has put on us as daughters, women and mothers, and do things your own way


You're intrigued

You’re curious about (or already immersed in!) spiritual arts and practices such as moon cycles, astrology and activating archetypes


You're ready to benefit

You’re excited about the prospect of partnering with other women to create a new paradigm of sovereign motherhood for the benefit of your Self, your families, and society. 


You're ready to commit

You’re ready to commit to yourself, to invest in yourself for real, deep and meaningful change.

I felt like I wasn’t being the mom I wanted to be...I never had time to do anything I wanted to do. I was forgetting who I was. And I felt angry… a lot of the time. I had a consultation call with Emma, and I’ll never forget how she said working with her would be an investment in myself. It absolutely was… and one of the best investments I’ve ever made. Working with her has not only helped me really love being a mom again, but it’s helped me remember who I was before. She helped me find creative ways to fit the things that mattered to me back into my day and to know that it really was okay (and actually important) to look after myself. I can now catch myself in negative thought spirals or in bad days and find ways to either turn them around, or to sit with the feelings they bring up and be okay with them. My work with Emma has left me feeling empowered and successful as a mom and I am so glad I chose to invest in myself and in my motherhood experience.

— Vanessa

So if you’re ready to finally say yes to an unleashed, exuberant, INSPIRING life…

Unleash the creativity, passion and purpose that you KNOW is within you…

Come out from the mound of motherly obligations, societal pressures, and people-pleasing that is keeping you stuck and small...

And BECOME the woman you were always meant to be…

I can’t wait to see who you BECOME.

Love, Emma

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