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Are you a mother ready to BECOME your most fully alive & most fully expressed self?

Ready to say yes to what really lights YOU up, OUTSIDE of what your children need or what everyone else expects of you ...

So you can live the full, fulfilling & vibrant life you desire

AND deserve?

Let's be honest...

You're feeling stuck.

Somewhere along the line you've lost yourself in that sea of people-pleasing, perfectionism, playing the good girl and trying so hard to live up to all those crazy expectations the world has foisted upon us...

...not to mention the stifling, frustrating boxes we end up trapped inside as a result.

You KNOW deep down that there must be more to life than this.

The good news is...

There IS more than this.

And it's time to say yes to it.

To say yes to yourSELF

As a woman and as a mother you're conditioned to spend all of your time and energy on other people… until there is nothing left for you. 

Don't get me wrong, I know you love being a mother. Me too!

You waited your whole life for your children...

But no one told you quite how much of yourSELF you'd end up abandoning when they arrived.

And all of sudden, you woke up one day and realised you felt trapped.

And now?

There's barely any time to take a shower, let alone space for YOU...

There's certainly no space to express yourself, to explore the hidden and forgotten parts of yourself, to grow.

To fall back in love with yourself, so you can discover and then create what's next for yourself and for your life...

...and when you lock yourself away in the bathroom for those 5 minutes peace, you wonder to yourself quite when it was that you got so lost in it all.  

Quite what you used to do...for yourself, for fun?

Remember fun?

I know that there is more to you than being a mum...

AND that you’ve been keeping that part hidden away somewhere.  

Lost and forgotten under all that other stuff.  

Emma has the effortless ability to switch a light on and shine the way through a path that was always there, but you couldn’t see it before…

She helped me find my own light so that I can continue on this journey confidently and with pride in myself.

- Kerry, superstar mummy to 3 (with complex needs) & freelance photographer

Maybe it’s the way you dressed?  

The way you talked?

The hobbies you used to indulge in?  

The friends you used to dance with? 

The people you’d flirt with? 

That cake you used to bake? 

Those earrings you used to wear? 

That music you used to listen to? 

The way you did your hair? 

The things you liked to learn about & engross yourself in?

The way you’d stand up for yourself?

The horses you used to ride, the piano you played, the skates you used to whizz about on, the tattoo you wanted, those piercings you hide, the sex you used to have…?

Pretty sure the world would love MORE of that side of you.  

Pretty sure YOU would love more of that side of you.

How about we work on digging her out and setting her free?

How about we slide her right back up the to do list?

How about we stop trying so hard to please everyone else all the time and for a minute focus on pleasing ourSELVES?

How about we give our little ones somebody to actually be proud of?  Somebody who gets up and does things with her life?

Somebody who values & respects herself enough to say NO when she means no and YES when she sure as hell means yes.

Somebody who loves herself enough to make time for the things that light her up and keep her fire burning.

Somebody alive and not just living day to day.


I am HERE for that woman.

Are you ready to BECOME that woman?



the intimate, empowering 9 month journey for 9 mothers who are ready for more...

If you're ready to overcome the overwhelm, rise above the struggle and learn to know, trust, love & value yourSELF...

...enough to become the whole, fully expressed, authentic, ALIVE women you long to become... that you can nurture the loving, committed, connected family...

...and build the full, fulfilling, rich and vibrant life you desire AND deserve...

Then you're ready to BECOME


The 5 pillars of my unique Rewilding Motherhood Roadmap...

  • The Permission finding more time & space easefully
  • The Conscious Curation System... to living life on your own terms
  • The Peaceful Presence Blueprint... to say goodbye to perpetual panic & overwhelm
  • The Journey to Joy rediscover what lights you up and turns you on

and crucially...

  • The Martyr to Majesty model... to step out of martyrdom and into your true authenticity and power

So that by the time you emerge from our journey together you will have a much clearer sense of WHO you are and HOW you want to show up in this world. 

You will have FOUND your voice, your values, your truth, your voice, your courage, your strength and yourSELF

Let me in next time


Become is an intimate sisterhood community. 

Our journey together will comprise a potent blend of part teaching, part coaching, part mentoring and full on solidarity. 

We will meet weekly across 4 different types of gathering:

Monthly masterclasses to INSPIRE

Monthly Mothermind meets to REFLECT on, discuss & apply the learning

Monthly Coaching sessions to RELEASE the blocks & stories holding you back

Monthly Moon Circles to set the intention to EMBODY the learning moving forward


WhatsApp for ongoing communication & sisterhood between us, to share, digest and discuss in between sessions

And Bonuses:

Individual astrology reading; access to all the Juicy Joyful Jumpstart videos ; one year's membership of The Courage & Chamomile Mothership parenting support community

My intention for you in this space is that you feel SEEN, HEARD, SAFE and HELD, possibly for the first time in a long time, if not ever.

And please hear me when I say it IS safe for you to want this. 

You DO deserve this.

Put me on the waiting list

Emma has empowered me to have the confidence to find my true path.

Carrie, autism specialist & mummy

By the end of our time together you will:

  • Trust yourSELF to make the right decision, instead of caving in to the expectations and pressure of those around you
  • Have clear boundaries where previously you had none or had let them slip
  • Find the space to create, explore, and actualise the nudges that you feel deep down inside
  • Let go of the shame, the guilt, the shoulds and the people-pleasing, in order to create YOUR authentic life
  • Take up space and find your voice, so you can live your life from a place of standing taller, prouder, and more alive
  • Lead from the heart with love and courage, rather than staying stuck in fear, shame, overwhelm and doubt.
  • Find your real purpose in life...beyond motherhood.
  • Uncover the diamonds hiding in the shadows
  • RemembHer who you are, and BECOME who you’re truly meant to be…

...and by forging your own path, you will have set an example for your children to be their own independent thinkers, makers, and leaders ready to carve out their own unique paths in this world.

At times when I feel like I have nowhere to turn, Emma has been on the other end of a message...I have felt empowered every step of the way. I’ve felt like I can shine a light from my chest with every deep breath.

Caroline, amazing working mummy


I’m Emma While, mummy to one crazy, gorgeous wildling, an early years & adult learning specialist, positive psychology geek, lover of squirrels, wild swimmer, NLP practitioner, mindfulness teacher and transformation & empowerment coach for mums ready for MORE.

And a few years ago I felt trapped in a life that looked amazing on the outside, but inside I was slowly wasting away.

Even though I loved my little one and my family, and was committed to my career, I KNEW deep down that there had to be more than going through the motions every day. 

But in the first few years of my son’s lives, it felt like I had become completely invisible, even to myself.

I wasn’t looking after myself, eating how I wanted to eat, doing any of the things I wanted to do, I wasn’t moving my body, drinking enough water, seeing friends, making time for my husband...nothing.

And I blamed all of it on motherhood and lack of sleep.  Until one day I realised the extent of the bullshit cage I’d built for myself and decided it was high time to do something about it.

And so I set about remembHERing.  Remembering who I was. 

I had to get committed to doing things MY way, not the way society said I had to or that the books recommended.

I had to overcome my own tendency for overwhelm, and learn to know, trust, love and value myself in order to become the whole, fully expressed, joyful, authentic woman I am today.

I had to find all those bits I’d lost or voice, my passion, my purpose, mySELF.

I became willing to trust and follow my instincts which has led to more meaning, purpose, and joy than I ever thought possible.

And I want that for YOU.

I want to help YOU break out of the overwhelm, rise above the struggle and learn to understand, trust, value and love yourself enough to BECOME the joyful, fully alive, whole woman you’re here to become so you can build the loving, connected family and the magical, vibrant life you truly desire AND deserve.

Emma reached into my head & my heart and helped me understand I matter. I deserve to do and be what and how I truly want. I own my own joy now.

Sarah, beautiful working mummy & student

So if YOU are sick of feeling buffeted by the world outside and are ready to foster a deep, inner strength instead....

If YOU want to live life on your own terms.

If YOU are ready to swap self betrayal for self belief, self  loathing for self love & come to fully know your true self worth

If YOU are ready to release fear, frustration and feeling fed up to make space for curiosity, compassion & confidence.

To wake up to your true nature & find your true voice

If YOU are sick of feeling disconnected, from yourself, from life, from what really matters.

And like you’re always seeking something else, something more, but don’t quite know what it is yet or how to find it.

If you are feeling lost...and are ready to be found.

Then I’m ready to welcome you into the circle...

...and I can’t wait to see who you Become.

Working with Emma was one of the best investments I've ever has helped me remember who I was before.

My work with Emma has left me feeling empowered & successful and I am SO glad I chose to invest in myself

Vanessa, wonderful expat mummy of 2 under 2 (one of whom is adopted)

BECOME Is Perfect For You If...


You're lost

You’re a mother who feels like you’ve lost yourself in the midst of the hustle and bustle… but you’re ready to reclaim your sovereignty


You need space to explore

You can feel a creative spark within you of something that’s trying to come out, and you want to give yourself space and time to explore it 


You're ready to do things your own way

You’re willing to get outside of your comfort zone in order to shed the conditioning and stories that society has put on us and do things your own way


You're intrigued

You’re curious about (or already immersed in!) spiritual arts and practices like meditation, moon cycles, tarot cards and astrology


You're ready to benefit

You’re excited about the prospect of partnering with other women to create a new paradigm of sovereign motherhood for the benefit of your Self, your families, and society. 

BECOME Is NOT For You If...


You are happy to stay in martyrdom


You aren't willing to do the inner work


You're not ready to commit this time, energy & money in your personal growth


You have no aspirations to improve your life or your lot


You are happy to continue self sacrificing for other people

So if you’re ready to finally say yes to an uncaged, exuberant, INSPIRING life…

Unleash the creativity, passion and purpose that you KNOW is within you…

Come out from the mound of motherly obligations, societal pressures, and people-pleasing that is keeping you stuck and small...

And BECOME the woman you were always meant to be…


I can’t wait to see who you BECOME.

Love, Emma x